Do You Watch for Wisdom?

We watch, wait, and work for Wisdom's teaching that brings her blessings!

January 28, 2022

"Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors."

Proverbs 8:34

Solomon’s book, Proverbs, he wrote because he was concerned for his son growing up to be a godly man.  Indeed, this topical book is a gold mine of sacred nuggets that will help any believer better live for the Lord.  All through the book, he speaks of wisdom and folly.  And Solomon devotes the eighth chapter to the study of wisdom.  Here Wisdom is personified as a godly woman who has a school for young men to teach them God’s wisdom.  Let me encourage you to read the eighth chapter for yourself.

In verses 1-11, Wisdom calls to us and promises what she can provide for us if we obey her.

Verses 12-31, we see a portrait of Wisdom and what she has, and we can see what she can give to us.  We learn here she is ancient and was with God when He created the earth.  A great way to understand God’s wisdom better is to study His creation.

In verses 32-36, Wisdom pleads with us to pay attention to her.  She shows us the rewards for those who listen and obey and the consequences of those who sin against her.  The more we study Wisdom in God’s Word, we learn that it is the way of the Lord, and this is how we need to live to glorify Him.

Today, we want to zero in on verse 34 to understand better what waiting for Wisdom means.

Whoever waits at my door and listens for me will be blessed” [1] (Proverbs 8:34, HSB).


“Blessed is the man that heareth me.”
Doesn’t everyone like to be blessed?  Yes, but most people do not want to live the way Wisdom teaches to receive her blessings.  How many times have you heard a wife ask her husband, “why won’t you ask for directions?”  There, now I’ve said it, let’s move on quickly… 😉  Here is a simple lesson for us.  When our pride keeps us from obeying God’s Wisdom, we are foolish and generally end up in a fix.  In times like that, we have chosen folly over wisdom.  When we choose to listen and obey, we have chosen the better part, ending in being blessed.

Happy is the person who listens to me – Proverbs ascribes blessings as coming to those who are wise” [2] (FSB).

“By listening to wisdom’s instruction and following it, they become wise and are “blessed.”  This blessing comes from following wisdom eagerly (watching and waiting)” [3] (BKC).


Watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.”

“When?” – Daily.

“What?” – Watching and waiting for Wisdom to teach us!

“Where?” – Outside Wisdom’s classroom doors, in anticipation.

“Wisdom is represented as having a school for the instruction of men; and seems to point out some of the most forward of her scholars coming, through their intense desire to learn, even before the gates were opened, and waiting there for admission, that they might hear every word that was uttered, and not lose one accent of the heavenly teaching” [4] (Clarke – ACC).

“Because wisdom is ancient and was with God in creation and delights in humanity, she can teach people how to be truly happy….  The key is to listen to her, not ignore instruction (1:25; 13:18; 15:32), and desire her so much as to hang around her doors in order not to miss her invitation (9:4)” [5] (CSB).

We never gain Wisdom by mishap!  No, obtaining God’s insight requires a significant purpose of heart and the right choice in our direction.  It takes consistent work!  Believers, we do the difficult work of learning God’s Wisdom.  This is for our good and His Glory!


Quote:  “This blessing comes to those who not only listen to wisdom but are willing to inconvenience themselves to seek her.  They are willing to watch daily at her gates and wait at the posts of her doors.  Their pursuit of wisdom is intentional, not accidental” [6] (Guzik – EWC).




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